Case Study – La Ponderosa

Believe in your product
Ever hear the saying ‘putting your money where your mouth is?’ Well that is what M Tullier Ltd did by doing a full test of the product on La Ponderosa. If you are going to place your reputation on a product that is specially tailored for Guernsey there is no better way than really getting to know it first-hand on a large scale.

Weber.therm XM uses insulation board as the base integral part of the external wall installation system. Shape and fix into the prepared external wall.
Cutting Weber.Therm

Once cut, the insulation board is fitted piece by piece over the external wall.
Fitting Weber.therm

A neat second skin for your home
Precision placement backed up with Weber fixing pins insures the start of reduced heat loss for your home.
finished board Weber.therm

Weber.therm XM uses its own detailed base profile and PVC corner beads to reinforce all door and corner openings.

Weber PVC corner beads

Stage completed
Ready for the next stages – coating the insulation board

Similar application but it ends there
It may look like external plastering but with multiple layers of state of the art materials it is not.

Hard coat
Weber.rend PTC
is one of the final coats to be applied and it protects the works perfectly as it is robust and very durable.

Weber.Therm PTC coat

The finished result
Images do not do the finished result justice. Call Mark on 251310 for a site visit so you can see the end result close up.

the finished result